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The Kino Flo Diva is a must-have for any lighting kit. It is an efficient soft light which uses either daylight or tungsten fluorescent bulbs to give a beautiful key light source.

You can switch between using 4 bulbs or 2 and the system is fully dimmable from the built in ballast on the back of the light.

Our Kino Flo Divas come with a honeycomb louver ( aka egg crate ) for directing the light source, a silk flozier sheet to soften the light further still and a c-stand.

Techie Stuff
Colour: Tungsten (3200k) or Daylight (5500k)
Max power draw ( Amps ): 1.4
Output: 400W
Dimmable: Yes
Bulb: Fluorescent True Match
Power: Mains

Guide Price: £40.00 + VAT per day