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The Hague SM3 Pro Suction Mount for cars has 3 suction pads which can be attached to any horizontal or vertical, non-porous flat surface. There are 3 adjustable brackets on the suction pads and 3 on the triangle plate, with a selection of connecting poles of different lengths so the mount can be used in a variety of positions.

The triangle plate has a 100mm bowl with a quick release slide plate mounted on a claw ball leveller, making it quick and simple to set the camera to the required position.

Can only support cameras up to DSLR size.

What’s in the box:

Suction pads (150mm. diameter, pump action vacuum) x 3
Triangle plate with 100mm bowl x 1
Quick release slide plate with claw-ball leveller x 1
Adjustable brackets x 6
Connecting poles 250mm long x 3
Connecting poles 500mm long x 2
Connecting poles 660mm long x 1

Guide price: £30.00 + VAT per day