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The Movi M15 is one of Freefly’s most advanced stabilized gimbals. It can carry a payload of 15lbs ( 6.8Kg ) which means you can mount these cameras:

Arri Alexa Mini
RED Epic
RED Weapon
Sony F5/55
Sony FS7
Canon C300 Mk 1 & 2
Canon C500

The gimbal can be setup through an iphone app or on the ipad which is provided. Depending on how big you want to go, the Movi M15 can easily run wireless follow focus systems, monitors and wireless monitor links. These can be powered via a D-Tap splitter which runs off a second Movi battery.

You can also achieve dynamic, customized time lapse sequences. All the parameters of a time lapse sequence can be defined from within the app.

Whether you mount it to a car, a Freefly Tero, a jib, a drone or carry it in your own fair hands, the Movi M15 will bring super smooth tracking shots to your production.

What’s in the box:

1 x Movi M15 gimbal
1 x Movi dock ( mounts to a C-stand )
1 x Ninja star ( allows the gimbal to be mounted to tripods, jibs, car mounts etc )
1 x Rod mount adapter ( for mounting follow focus systems )
1 x Lemo to D-Tap cable
1 x D-Tap Splitter
2 x Accessory mounts
4 x Movi batteries
2 x Movi battery chargers
1 x iPad

Guide Price: £200.00 + VAT per day